For people that don’t know much about the game Soulcalibur, essentially it is a 3D fighting game. What separates this from other types of combat games is the fact it uses a fight system with rock-paper-scissors style to it for determining the outcome of attacks and the damage inflicted upon the opponent.

The attack options are centred around the character’s ability to carry out the moves from high and low, vertical and horizontal positions. As can be imagined when the player has progressed enough and developed enough experience, the combat area may be akin to a very enthusiastic dance studio, but with more grunting.

The motion of attacks and blocking moves themselves are pretty fluid and enjoyable to watch, regardless if they’re punishing you. The player’s prowess is held to account by use of the Critical Gauge metre seen while fighting. The player builds this up by inflicting damage on their opponent, and by taking damage too. Once built up to a sufficient point, the player can use it to enact a super-charged attack on the enemy. The Critical Gauge system also allows the player to use a Guard Impact. This grants the user a perfect block, which then has the effect of disgruntling the opponent and opening them up to attack. The choice of action with the Critical Gauge means that the player has to think about their strategy and adds an extra depth to the game other than endless mashing of buttons.

The story mode to the game is perhaps an aspect that lets it down however. Most gamers will choose, and love, their game based on excellent plots with greater character development and stunning environments to roam about in. Unfortunately, the Story Mode on Soulcalibur does not have these at all; a majority of spoken narrative over storyboards is not something the gamer wants throughout the whole game.

That said, the game is ideally suited to those who aren’t particularly fussed with story. For those that just want to spend a while unleashing some dance-style fighting with cool effects going on, you’ll likely enjoy Soulcalibur.