Other combat games (Than Soul Calibur)

Combat games are an entertaining and diverse part of the video games world, the oddball characters coupled with their individual look and location, makes this an epic and inventive genre.

In a quest for more complex and flawless signature moves, gamers have flocked to take on both computer controlled opponents – often referred to as CPU’s – and each other, in worldwide multigame communities. The opportunity to play against human competitors represents a more significant challenge, as even the most advanced CPU can only be programmed to a certain point.

Mortal Kombat Series

Mortal Kombat was launched in 1993, it’s a bone cracking, acid spilling, gratuitously violent romp where anything goes. With a huge fatality rate and slightly cheesy narrative, this fighter game has proven to be divisive amongst players. Despite being aimed squarely at an adult audience, its controversial history has made Mortal Kombat a favourite with all ages – resulting in a gore on/off option in later versions for younger enthusiasts.


Tekken is a very story driven game set within its own universe. Players take part in the Tekken Tournament staged by Heihachi, COE of the fictional Tekken Corporation. The character you select travels to the competition after receiving an invitation. Then, through a series of bouts, you take on opponents until the final round where you meet Heihachi himself.

Street Fighter Series

Street Fighter is a fast and furious combat game featuring colourful characters drawn from every corner of the globe. Having started life as an arcade game, it soon became a phenomenal success on consoles. The combination of thrilling martial arts moves and traditional aesthetics is highly atmospheric, giving users a sense of arcade game play in their own home.