Online gaming and what to play

Online gaming has increased in popularity as technology and graphics have improved. With the high accessibility of the internet, online gaming is now a firm fixture for many people, with gaming cafes complete with comfortable chairs set up around the world. It is so popular that these players, once deemed ‘geeks’, are now held in high regard through large worldwide e-sports tournaments.

First up, there are the Massively Multiplayer Online games, or MMO. These games allow large numbers of people to join together, make teams or fight against one another from across the globe. These games allow the player to essentially be alone but surrounded by others who can help. The most popular of these game types tend to be in the form of first person shooters such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends and Dota 2.

Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games, or MMORPG, follow the same vein as the first group but take things one step further. Here players can create entire alter-egos, go on quests alone or create guilds to complete quests together. How far through the game a player progresses is entirely up to the choice he or she makes. One of the most popular of these is World of Warcraft, which has seen multiple iterations since its initial release in 1994.

Then we come to a slightly different animal – online casino games. These games come in the form of slots, table games and even live dealer options. Casino games simply bring the thrill of their land-based counterparts into the comfort of the home. They are usually replete with bonuses, free spins and much more, making these games fun to play on every level, though they tend to be for single players only.

Some play for glory, some for money, and some simply for the fun of it. No matter the game, there is plenty of choice for everyone.