Combat apps for your phone.

Whether you have an iPhone or an Android there are a loads of free and paid combat apps that you can download and enjoy.

Some of the best.

One of the all time classics is the Street Fighter series. Free on the iPhone is ‘Capcom Arcade’ which brings together some of your favourite Street Fighter characters such as Ken and China. If you wanted some superheroes as well as the usual fighters you might want to purchase ‘Marvel vs Capcom’ which brings in a lot of the Marvel characters to go one on one with your standard Street Fighter crew. You can play as a hero such as Spiderman or go the dark route and go on a rampage as one of the Marvel villains.


Of course you can never expect to have graphics and gameplay to match a console such as the PS3 or XBox but with phones constantly being improved on performance you will no doubt have an enjoyable experience. Phones have already come a long way when it comes to gaming and with more and more research, bigger screens, better graphics and more responsive software combat games on phones are constantly improving.

What else?

As well as the typical one on one fighter combat games there is a new breed coming through. Role playing games or RPG’s with a combat aspect to them are becoming increasingly popular. A great example is Risk where strategy and luck come together to make combat as opposed to a click and punch game such as Tekken.