Blackjack comes to Midgard

In Blackjack, it is of vital importance to reach 21, as the first person who succeeds in this endeavour takes all. There is a heavy element of strategy to this game and the player can optimize their chances of winning by means of the strategy charts and a carefully elaborated method of card counting.

This game of intuition, strategy and the ability to make quick decisions is adored worldwide, therefore it is no wonder there are so many variants scattered in countries around the world: Vingt-et-un, Pontoon, Seventeen and Four, Vegas Style, Double Attack, Double Exposure, Blackjack Switch etc.

Each of these follows the basic rules with a few twists. Many of these variants were initially not adapted for casino play but, thanks to a wide spectrum of twists and turns allowed when modifying rules, the game is nowadays one of the few that can be played in both virtual and live versions and, on a mobile app.

For all the reasons stated above, Blackjack was used as a template for popular mobile RPG – conveniently called Battlejack. Developed by GrandCru and published by Nexon, this fantasy game revolves around the battle against evil forces in a fantasy world called Midgard. While vanquishing their enemies, the Titans players collect, fuse and evolve mighty heroes and earn special rewards which help them free the mythical tree, win mighty treasure and restore balance to Midgard. Here, scoring 21 in a card battle unlocks a massive boost for the heroes collected.

Like in the original version, the outcome of this interesting card game is determined less by luck itself and more by knowledge, experience and mode of play. Thus, it would be fair to say that Battlejack is only partly a game of chance. Do you dare to give it a try?