Jan 21 2018

Online poker rooms – finding the best

Fans of online poker can feel overwhelmed with the choice of options available. The online poker industry is booming, with new rooms and tournaments offered online all the time. Here we take a look at how you can navigate the many choices, and find the best online poker room.


One way of attracting new players to a poker room is with promotions. Providers will offer cash incentives and other prizes to bring poker players to their games. It is a good idea to research the different promotions on offer and find the one that is most attractive. If you want free games, free cash to play with or access to big money poker tournaments, you can check the promotional offers. Finding online discount codes or promotions is an excellent way to get more play for your money.

Poker game options

The majority of games follow the traditional poker games and rules found in physical casinos. Many of them are the same, however, there are some online poker rooms that offer a variety of different game options. Take a look through the different poker games on offer and see if there are any additional game features that make a certain poker room better than others. Finding the best online poker room can take a bit of research, but it’s worth it.

Prize money

The various online poker rooms will all offer different prizes, whether this be cash or luxury items. Big money poker tournaments attract players from all over the world. If you want to pit your wits against some of the best players around, choosing a room with a big money prize will usually offer some big names in the poker world.

Playing poker online is a fun, exciting way to pass time, and with a chance of winning big cash prizes, it’s a possible way to get your hands on life-changing cash.

Jan 14 2018

Online gaming and what to play

Online gaming has increased in popularity as technology and graphics have improved. With the high accessibility of the internet, online gaming is now a firm fixture for many people, with gaming cafes complete with comfortable chairs set up around the world. It is so popular that these players, once deemed ‘geeks’, are now held in high regard through large worldwide e-sports tournaments.

First up, there are the Massively Multiplayer Online games, or MMO. These games allow large numbers of people to join together, make teams or fight against one another from across the globe. These games allow the player to essentially be alone but surrounded by others who can help. The most popular of these game types tend to be in the form of first person shooters such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends and Dota 2.

Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games, or MMORPG, follow the same vein as the first group but take things one step further. Here players can create entire alter-egos, go on quests alone or create guilds to complete quests together. How far through the game a player progresses is entirely up to the choice he or she makes. One of the most popular of these is World of Warcraft, which has seen multiple iterations since its initial release in 1994.

Then we come to a slightly different animal – online casino games. These games come in the form of slots, table games and even live dealer options. Casino games simply bring the thrill of their land-based counterparts into the comfort of the home. They are usually replete with bonuses, free spins and much more, making these games fun to play on every level, though they tend to be for single players only.

Some play for glory, some for money, and some simply for the fun of it. No matter the game, there is plenty of choice for everyone.

Jan 3 2018

3 Tips to Win at Texas Hold’Em

You have learnt all the rules, familiarised yourself with the strategies, and perfected your poker face. The next thing then is to go out and win the game. Playing Texas Hold’Em offers a thrill that few other table-based games can match, and the biggest high is when you are the last player left at the table with all the money in your corner.

To win a game of poker may not be the easiest thing in the world, especially in the professional leagues, but it certainly can be done. Our experts have compiled a list of pointers and tips that should elevate your game, and help you come out on top.

  • Tip 1 – Observe, observe, observe
    We would say that Texas Hold’Em is more about your opponents than it is about you. Pay close attention to them. See if they reveal anything through their facial expressions or body language. This will help you plot your own strategy, which brings us to the next tip.
  • Tip 2 – Strategy, strategy, strategy
    More games of poker are won because of a sound strategy rather than the cards in your hand. When you raise, when you fold, all decide how far you will go in the game. The smallest of decisions may prove to have the biggest impact. That is why we believe in adopting a strategy that has an element of risk, which brings us to the next tip.
  • Tip 3 – Be Aggressive
    It pays, literally, to be aggressive in poker. There has hardly ever been a champion who has not taken a few risks. We suggest you do the same. Not only will it catch other players off guard, it presents you the best opportunity to win. Temper the risky calls with some sound strategy.

Nov 7 2017

Blackjack comes to Midgard

In Blackjack, it is of vital importance to reach 21, as the first person who succeeds in this endeavour takes all. There is a heavy element of strategy to this game and the player can optimize their chances of winning by means of the strategy charts and a carefully elaborated method of card counting.

This game of intuition, strategy and the ability to make quick decisions is adored worldwide, therefore it is no wonder there are so many variants scattered in countries around the world: Vingt-et-un, Pontoon, Seventeen and Four, Vegas Style, Double Attack, Double Exposure, Blackjack Switch etc.

Each of these follows the basic rules with a few twists. Many of these variants were initially not adapted for casino play but, thanks to a wide spectrum of twists and turns allowed when modifying rules, the game is nowadays one of the few that can be played in both virtual and live versions and, on a mobile app.

For all the reasons stated above, Blackjack was used as a template for popular mobile RPG – conveniently called Battlejack. Developed by GrandCru and published by Nexon, this fantasy game revolves around the battle against evil forces in a fantasy world called Midgard. While vanquishing their enemies, the Titans players collect, fuse and evolve mighty heroes and earn special rewards which help them free the mythical tree, win mighty treasure and restore balance to Midgard. Here, scoring 21 in a card battle unlocks a massive boost for the heroes collected.

Like in the original version, the outcome of this interesting card game is determined less by luck itself and more by knowledge, experience and mode of play. Thus, it would be fair to say that Battlejack is only partly a game of chance. Do you dare to give it a try?

Sep 28 2014

Combat apps for your phone.

Whether you have an iPhone or an Android there are a loads of free and paid combat apps that you can download and enjoy.

Some of the best.

One of the all time classics is the Street Fighter series. Free on the iPhone is ‘Capcom Arcade’ which brings together some of your favourite Street Fighter characters such as Ken and China. If you wanted some superheroes as well as the usual fighters you might want to purchase ‘Marvel vs Capcom’ which brings in a lot of the Marvel characters to go one on one with your standard Street Fighter crew. You can play as a hero such as Spiderman or go the dark route and go on a rampage as one of the Marvel villains.


Of course you can never expect to have graphics and gameplay to match a console such as the PS3 or XBox but with phones constantly being improved on performance you will no doubt have an enjoyable experience. Phones have already come a long way when it comes to gaming and with more and more research, bigger screens, better graphics and more responsive software combat games on phones are constantly improving.

What else?

As well as the typical one on one fighter combat games there is a new breed coming through. Role playing games or RPG’s with a combat aspect to them are becoming increasingly popular. A great example is Risk where strategy and luck come together to make combat as opposed to a click and punch game such as Tekken.

Sep 23 2014

Online Casinos and Combat Games

When it comes to finding something to do online, you’ll never be hard pressed for choice. Two items very well catered for are for lovers of the casino and combat games. In trying to locate the best sites for you to invest your time in, it can be rather confusing and overwhelming with the sheer choice in front of you. So generally speaking, if we take a look at some of the most popular online sites for combat gaming and casinos then you’ll have a fair idea of where to start!

Casinos Online

The online casino has skyrocketed in popularity over the past few years, with more and more people ditching the bricks and mortar establishments for the comfort of their own homes. There does tend however to be popularity with the online services offered by the high street bookkeepers.  The reason for this popularity is the fact that people can enter their establishments on the high street and become familiar with the reliability and trust with the brand. Naturally, it can be daunting to hand over money to an unknown gambling site without knowing anything about them. However, certain sites such as Mega Fortune Dreams have become trusted and popular online only services. The use of live tables not only adds authenticity to it, but also makes the experience more engaging and immersive for the user.

Combat Games Online

In terms of playing online combat games, there are a plenty of staples used by the gaming community. One brand of game that has taken the hearts of gamers by storm is the World of Tanks and World of Warplanes. These are free to play games online where the user selects the tank or airplane of choice, more options on earning enough experience, and enters a theatre of war. With the vehicles being taken from real life models, the games are engaging, addictive and very much a thrill from the start. Combat needn’t necessarily conjure up images of modern infantry and vehicles, how about some medieval fighting? With Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, the user gets to select their class of medieval fighter, such as the knight, and fight an opposing player-controlled team to achieve set objectives. IGN summed the game up well in stating, “combat is fast-paced, bloody, and in-your-face”; the mass popularity of this game is absolutely well founded.

These are examples of but only a small selection of the available choice open to you on the internet. The market for online games and casinos is expanding everyday, so you’re certain to find something that’s right for you.

Sep 17 2014

Other combat games (Than Soul Calibur)

Combat games are an entertaining and diverse part of the video games world, the oddball characters coupled with their individual look and location, makes this an epic and inventive genre.

In a quest for more complex and flawless signature moves, gamers have flocked to take on both computer controlled opponents – often referred to as CPU’s – and each other, in worldwide multigame communities. The opportunity to play against human competitors represents a more significant challenge, as even the most advanced CPU can only be programmed to a certain point.

Mortal Kombat Series

Mortal Kombat was launched in 1993, it’s a bone cracking, acid spilling, gratuitously violent romp where anything goes. With a huge fatality rate and slightly cheesy narrative, this fighter game has proven to be divisive amongst players. Despite being aimed squarely at an adult audience, its controversial history has made Mortal Kombat a favourite with all ages – resulting in a gore on/off option in later versions for younger enthusiasts.


Tekken is a very story driven game set within its own universe. Players take part in the Tekken Tournament staged by Heihachi, COE of the fictional Tekken Corporation. The character you select travels to the competition after receiving an invitation. Then, through a series of bouts, you take on opponents until the final round where you meet Heihachi himself.

Street Fighter Series

Street Fighter is a fast and furious combat game featuring colourful characters drawn from every corner of the globe. Having started life as an arcade game, it soon became a phenomenal success on consoles. The combination of thrilling martial arts moves and traditional aesthetics is highly atmospheric, giving users a sense of arcade game play in their own home.